Images within Shotzr's library are designated as either "Royalty-Free" or "Social".

What are "Social" images? Where can they be used?

Social images are contributed by photographers, who retain copyright to their images. When you use a Social image, you are actually licensing directly from the contributor. They attest that they have all the necessary rights and permissions to share these images for you to use digitally via Shotzr. These images can be used in digital use-cases, subject to the DMCA.  These include, but are not limited to use on social media or in blog posts and on websites. They can be used by individuals or companies.

They are not licensed for use in print, as print falls outside the DMCA provisions for takedowns. If you would like to use a “Social” image for print, contact us for an up-license quote.

Do I need to credit the photographer?

You do not have to credit the photographer but it’s encouraged, when possible! 

Our photographers are verified and sponsored, and this means every download or share adds to their earning potential, but exposure matters deeply to each of them. Once you’ve downloaded an image, it is yours for all digital use. 

If you’d like to give credit, you can link. to their profile or use the example below:

Image courtesy of Luke Stackpoole via Shotzr.

There are people and property in some of these Social images. Are there clearances on file?

By uploading the images to Shotzr, the photographer has attested that they have all the necessary rights and permissions for you to use the image. This includes owning the copyright and having the permission of people or property in the images. Having said that, we don’t maintain a clearance database. 

If you have a use case where you need traditional clearances, that’s what Royalty-free images are for. We can always reach out to a photographer to coordinate shoots or additional license terms.

What are "Royalty-free" images? What are they licensed for?

Royalty-free images have a more traditional stock license and include clearances. The copyright holder of the image has been paid a fee, and licensors are free to use the image without paying further royalties.

If you would like to use these images for projects beyond digital marketing (for example, in a print ad), please contact us for an up-license quote.

How does Shotzr Manage Takedown Requests under the DMCA?

Shotzr respects the rights of copyright holders. If we receive a notice from a copyright holder that use of an image available on the Shotzr platform infringes on the copyright holder’s intellectual property rights, we will remove the image. We will also try to notify any Shotzr user that has downloaded the image of the takedown request, using the contact information that has been provided by the user. Our DMCA takedown process is outlined in our Terms of Service. 

Summary of Image Use Cases

Review how & where you can use Social or Royalty-free imagery by license type.

For more on licensing, please refer to Shotzr's Terms of Service or contact us via chat or email.

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