Images within Shotzr's library are designated as either "Royalty-Free" or "Social".

What are "Social" images? Where can they be used?

Social images are contributed by Shotzr’s verified photographers, who retain copyright to their images. These images can be used online, for example, on social media, in blog posts, email marketing, and on websites. But they can’t be used in online ads, including social media ads, or in print.

You do not need to ask permission from or provide credit to the photographer or Shotzr, although it is appreciated when possible.

What are "Royalty-free" images? What are they licensed for?

Royalty-free images are fully-licensed and cleared for use in digital marketing and advertising (display ads, social ads, etc.). The copyright holder of the image has been paid a fee, and licensors are free to use the image without paying further royalties.

If you would like to use these images for projects beyond digital marketing (for example, in a print ad), please contact us for an up-license estimate.

For more on licensing, please refer to the terms of Shotzr's End User License Agreement.

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