Sponsored Program Overview:

  • Shotzr devotes a piece of its revenue toward a monthly content budget
  • Each month, we divvy up the content budget and pay Sponsored contributors based on their activity level
  • Activity levels are measured by both contributor activity (i.e. uploads), and customer activity (i.e. downloads and shares)
  • Downloads and shares are more heavily weighted than uploads, but it all counts

How to get started:

Step 1: Create your account

Via Shotzr for Web, iOS, or Android.

Step 2: Upload your first images to the platform & begin building your profile

Step 3: Request Verification

Photographers who meet our quality standard will be immediately “verified”. This means that any images you post will now be searchable and that your profile is visible to Shotzr users.

Step 4 - Become Sponsored: If your imagery routinely meets Shotzr's quality standards and you are active on the platform, you will receive an invitation to become a Sponsored Contributor.

Acceptance times will vary based on program capacity.

Quick Links:

If you have questions, please chat with us or shoot us an email.

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