We are looking for your creative best! Please, no watermarked images as our clients need to be able to share and use them immediately in Digital Marketing.

As for what types of images, the first place to look is under client requests. You can find this in the mobile app by clicking More>Requests>Other Requests or in the Web App by going to the "Requests" tab in the top toolbar. 

These are the photos that we need most at this time.

Aside from the requests, we look forward to receiving “Coverage Photos” from your area.

Examples of coverage photos include:

  • Iconic locations in your area (locations associated with your town, city or region . ie. Times Square, Statue of Liberty, etc.)
  • Events or activities in your area
  • Popular neighborhoods
  • Hidden Gems (Places around town that a local would truly appreciate.)
  • Popular businesses and buildings known to your area
  • The general essence of your city
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