This is a brief overview. Please read the full Shotzr licensing agreement here.

As a Shotzr Sponsored Contributor, do I retain ownership of the photos that I upload to the service?

Absolutely! You retain copyright to your content and can continue to use the image as you see fit. You grant Shotzr a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use and distribute your photos on the Shotzr platform to our clients for use in Digital Media. You submit the content to Shotzr as UGC (user-generated content) much as you would do in submitting content to Instagram or YouTube.

What do you mean by Digital Media?

This means that your content is only authorized for use by Shotzr users on digital platforms, such as social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc), in emails, and on blogs and websites.  Any usage outside Digital Media requires an up-license.

What’s an example of an up-license and how do they work?

Ex: If a Shotzr User wants to use one of your photos in a physical magazine (remember those?) or in a product brochure, they must enter into a license agreement with traditional terms identifying term, territory, and use for a particular image.  Shotzr contributors keep 70% of all up-license revenue (just like Uber) generated from the platform.

Can I upload any image to Shotzr?

No, as a Sponsored Contributor you may only upload images that you own the copyright to, and have the necessary permissions and clearance to use.  Additionally, you may not upload any content which is obscene, hate speech, pornographic, violent, crude, profane, or otherwise violate any rights of a third-party.

Can I delete images uploaded to Shotzr?

Yes, it’s always "Your Shotzr"! Sponsored Contributors can delete images uploaded to the platform at any time.

Who are Shotzr Users?

Shotzr users are typically people or businesses who are looking for imagery to help tell their story through marketing on their various digital platforms.  A Shotzr user could be a local cheese shop, a realtor, an agency, a large enterprise - you name it. Our goal is to provide our clients with hyper-local imagery to help build their brand through lifestyles, neighborhoods, and community engagement.

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